Frequently Asked Questions

plus-circleminus-circle What is facilities management?

Facilities management encompasses every aspect of a property, including electrical, water, lighting, health and safety, maintenance and compliance. It's also commonly referred to as estate management.

plus-circleminus-circle Are your contractors certified and monitored?

In order to operate with IEM, all our contracting partners carry out accreditations, key insurances and competency assessments including online discipline trade tests, this is a continuous activity.

plus-circleminus-circle Does IEM just do repairs?

IEM deliver all aspects of total building maintenance from planned, reactive to technical projects.

plus-circleminus-circle Do you offer 24-hour (24/7) support?

Yes, we are available 24/7, feel free to call any time for assistance and support

plus-circleminus-circle Why did you come up with "The 5-point plan"?

IEM was created in order to simplify the complexity of estate management, the 5-point plan is the framework that underpins our philosophy

plus-circleminus-circle Why does IEM believe simplicity (removing the complexity) is so important?

Through our extensive estate management experience, we identified that the complexity within maintaining a building leads to in-action, frustration and risk.

plus-circleminus-circle Why is facilities management important?

There are numerous benefits to effective facilities management. It is essential to remain compliant across all facets of an estate to avoid fines and to ensure that all occupants are safe while on the premises. Strong estate management practices can also transform a property from a risk to an asset. A well maintained estate can also be a big driver towards creating a productive working environment.

plus-circleminus-circle What services do IEM provide?

We provide every element of estate management, from asset management through to programme delivery. We have a nationwide network of more than 2,500 engineers that can be called upon at a moment’s notice to carry out any job.

plus-circleminus-circle Can I pick and choose what services I need from IEM?

Absolutely. You can engage us for our entire Five Point Plan or we can tailor a unique plan just for your estate. We will work seamlessly with your in-house team or other contracted services.

plus-circleminus-circle How much does facilities management cost?

This can vary depending on the size of your estate and the services you require. Contact us to find out more.