Five Point Plan

The plan is designed to be flexible and to fit your needs. You can pick and choose which elements you want IEM to help with and we'll work seamlessly with in-house services and other contractors.

1. Know Your Assets

According to Compare Soft, an effective asset register can have an impact on your revenue and cash flow by 5 – 18 per cent. We identify your assets and their location, condition, life span and economic value. We leave no stone unturned in creating an up-to-date register.

Identify assets and location
Life span
Economic value

2. Understand Your Condition

Evaluating the condition of an estate is a daunting prospect. We survey your buildings, identify construction and repair requirements, identify any risks and collate the data into a user friendly report.

Survey your buildings
Identify construction and repair condition
Identify your risks
Collate data

3. Control Your Compliance

The cost of health and safety fines is routinely higher than the cost of compliance. Businesses also have a duty to protect their employees and customers. We assess your current compliance position, check it against the latest legal guidance, carry out compliance inspections and categorise remedial and improvement actions. The end result is you will be fully compliant and have an easy way to manage compliance moving forwards.

Assess current compliance position
Legislative guidance
Compliance inspections
Categorise remedial and improvement actions

4. Package Your Priorities

With a full understanding of your estate, we’ll work with you to identify and address your priorities. This includes producing a plan for up to five years ahead, forecasting CAPEX expenditure, balancing priorities versus statutory requirements and assisting with tender production.

Produce a 1-5 year plan
Forecast your CAPEX expenditure
Organise priorities overlayed against statutory requirements
Tender production

5. Manage Your Delivery

We can take the lead role in delivering your program across one or multiple sites. We also offer construction, design and management support and deliver major upgrades and refurbishment work through our 2,500 strong nationwide network of engineers.

Programme or project
CDM support
Individual or multi-site discipline delivery
Deliver major upgrades and refurbishment works